Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Sailing Eventide charter?

When you book a  charter with Sailing Eventide you can expect a high level of service and a fun day on the water that everyone will love.

From your initial enquiry, we aim to make the booking process as simple as possible for you, offering a variety of optional extras including catering, beverages, & water-sports should you wish to book them. We also welcome BYO.

We offer a personalised and customised service so if you have any questions or special requirements please feel free to reach out to our team and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What do I need to bring for my charter?

In order to best enjoy your sailing experience, we suggest you bring the following: hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimwear, a jacket on cooler days and a camera.

You can also bring food and drinks if you wish to BYO. We have a good sound system onboard so your favourite playlist can be played.

What is included in my charter?

We offer fully customised sailing charters, however the following are generally offered as standard:

– Private use of your own beautiful sailing catamaran for 4 to 8 hours.
– Skipper plus 1 crew.
– Island activities for day charters incl. stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, beach games and cute inflatables.
– Use of tablet with premium Spotify and sound system on board
– Use of marine BBQ & tools
Beach towels & sunscreen provided.
– Use of large eskies (ice supplied), 2 fridges & a freezer.
– Full use of wine and champagne glasses, cups, platters, bowls and serving trays
– Instaworthy Memento Photos taken by our crew
– Lots of FUN!!

What do I wear?

We recommend comfortable resort-style wear to get in the spirit.
No high heels or boots or dark souled shoes … barefoot is best!

Are your charters suitable for children?

Absolutely! We love having kids onboard and our crew will often try and include them in the sailing and steering the boat.

We also carry a range of beach games suitable for kids including buckets and spades for the littlest family members.

The wide and spacious deck area also make the Eventide wonderful for kids. Of course, as any parent knows, you are always careful with children when it comes to being on the water, but as boats go, our catamaran is very family friendly.

Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions at all about bringing kids onboard.

Where do we board?

You can board at Fremantle or Port Coogee. We’ll discuss the most suitable boarding point when you make your booking.

Where do we go on my charter?

Eventide is yours to explore the coast off Fremantle! Depending on the weather and the length of your charter, your Captain can recommend the best spots.

Whether it’s a half day to Carnac Island or a full day spent on Rottnest, we can guide you according to your preferences and timeframe.

What about safety?

Eventide undergoes an annual safety check, and the catamaran has been well tested on many open ocean voyages. Eventide carries state-of-the-art safety and emergency equipment, and is fully equipped with life jackets for all on board.

Your Captain has lived and worked on boats all his life, and has all required licenses, training and insurances. The capable crew are trained to the highest standards to ensure our guests’ safety.

Can we swim?

Yes! Being a catamaran, Eventide has excellent access to the water. Standup paddle boards, sea kayaks, inflatables and other water toys are available for your enjoyment.

Your Captain knows many hidden swimming spots and can provide recommendations.

Do we need to know how to sail?

Not at all. Your Captain and his crew can run the boat and set the sails, however guests are encouraged to take the helm or trim the main! Swabbing the decks can also be arranged 😉

Is food included?

Light refreshments and filtered water are provided on all charters and catering can be arranged prior to your charter, with cheese, fruit, dessert, and BBQ platters available.

Gourmet options are available if you’re looking for something special.

BYO food is allowed however, if serving alcohol, substantial food must be served. Platters, trays, and bowls are provided, and the crew can assist in serving.

Are drinks included?

BYO is encouraged, however drinks may be pre-ordered and delivered to the boat prior to your charter. An esky, two fridges, and a freezer, as well as all utensils are provided. A temporary bar license and waitperson can be arranged at your request.

Will I get seasick?

Catamarans are very stable, and do not have the same side to side rocking motion and heeling over as monohull vessels. This means you are far less likely to experience sea sickness.

If you feel you are that way inclined, you may elect to take some sea sickness medication prior to departure. We also have some sea sickness pressure bands onboard.

Special Requests

Sailing Eventide is open to all great ideas and can accommodate out-of-the-box requests. Contact us to talk about your next event.

Any Questions

Your needs are our highest priority, and every experience aboard Eventide is tailored to your preferences. Call us if you have any questions or to plan your own sailing experience onboard Eventide. The only limit is your imagination.